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Innovative-high-tech pothole repair. 

We are Eco-Patcher.

How eco-Patcher Works


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Each year, Mother Nature leaves her stamp on state highways, city and county roads, and even parking lots in the form of POTHOLES.  Born from both harsh, cold winter and dry, hot summer weather, POTHOLES show up many times throughout the year in all regions and climates -- no area is immune. Regardless of a road's design and build quality, virtually all asphalt pavement will eventually crack.  And that crack, combined with traffic, will eventually turn into a full-blown POTHOLE that packs a powerful punch.  Cities, counties and states are faced with developing plans to manage POTHOLE repairs with limited funds.  eco-Patcher's high velocity spray injection process is the solution.

Faster, Lasts Longer with Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency

1. eco-Patcher provides a faster option because the entire method is mechanized;


2. Our professionals don't waste precious minutes loading and unloading at the site of each new POTHOLE;


3. The entire repair job is up to 4 times faster than traditional methods.  Increased productivity means more POTHOLES repaired with less interruptions to traffic all resulting in happier motorists;


4. Speed reflects only one factor in overall efficiency, the other is labor savings.  While traditional methods require 4 - 5 person crews subjected to a time-intensive and grueling job, 2 eco-Patcher professionals can easily handle a repair job from start to finish

5. More projects completed with less crew members translates into a huge productivity benefit.  And let's face it, who isn't being stretched to do more with less; and 


6. Another consideration that adds up, especially over time, is material savings.  Between excess waste and required equipment, total material costs are often a downfall of traditional asphalt patching methods.  Because eco-Patcher's material is mixed just before being applied, the process produces minimal waste. Therefore, the elimination of any chance of waste material significantly reduces operating costs.

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Additional Services

  • Crack-Sealing

  • Utility Cuts

  • Depression

  • Edge Breaks

  • Wheel-Path Rutting

  • Pre-Surface Dressing

eco-Patcher's Proven, Proprietary Method

First, eco-Patcher removes all debris with high velocity air in and around the POTHOLE preparing it for our specially formulated EP sealant.
Second, EP sealant is applied coating all cracks and deviations ensuring the sealant bonds the  first time reducing the likelihood of re-patching.     
Third, EP Patch is then applied to the pothole from the bottom up ensuring a tight seal and preventing water from seeping in. 
Lastly, after the POTHOLE is sealed and filled, a light layer of dry aggregate is applied preventing the patch from adhering to car tires. The patch is now
ready for traffic.



Main Office

Sebastian Boling

5776 Grape Road, Suite 119

Mishawaka, IN. 46545

Tel: 260-409-4176

Indianapolis Office

4444 Decatur Blvd, Suite 900

Indianapolis, IN. 46241

Tel: 260-409-4176


To apply for a job with eco-Patcher, please send a Resume or your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 260-409-4176
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For any inquiries or questions, please call: 260-409-4176 or fill out the following form

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Eco-Patcher on WNDU 16

April 19, 2017

South Bend, Elkhart, Saint Joe, Michigan...These are a few places looking into a new way to fix potholes through a company called Eco-Patcher.

Eco-Patcher is the faster, cheaper, more available option. So they took to the streets on Wednesday to show rather than tell what they can do.

They say every pothole they patch up will last a minimum of 6 months and only costs about 10 dollars a foot to fill instead of the total of about 25 dollars the city usually takes to fill.

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